Tuesday, March 22, 2005


Yesterday I sent this email to my neurologist:

My last dose of penicillin was the night of March 18. I had no adverse reactions of the typical sort, and even my bowel function remained fine (which I credit to the probiotics). But once we switched to a four-gram daily bolus, I felt somewhat tired in the following days. As usual, it's hard to place the blame, because we were also staying up too late and being wakened by our kids. But I list the penicillin as a suspect.

I retain the penicillin pills, in case we want to try the approach again. But I think it will be more useful once we have access to that Fishman paper on penicillin dosing and the CSF, that you have mentioned.

Now I'd like your opinion on whether it would be advisable to try five days of ceftriaxone at two (2) grams per day. I want to do this. I'd like to start on Tuesday 3/29. I think it's the smart thing to do. But I'm no doctor, so I seek your advice.

My grip strength is back down to the 44 pounds it was at after after the dramatic improvement of the first round of cextriaxone. I am very curious to see what the effect if another round would be.

Left grip is 45 pounds (41, 45, 45), right grip is 98 pounds (98, 95, 95), left leg balance is 10.56 seconds, and inhale volume is TK mL.
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