Friday, March 25, 2005

Blog book?

So I was thinking I'd like to read back through my own blog, and review the changes and adjustments. For instance, I want to know when it was that I was still running up stairs two at a time. But, I don't want to read it on the computer screen. So I was thinking of loading it all into a book on No way I'm going to proofread it, though. The forward would say that this was intended as a blog archive, and blogs often contain spelling mistakes and other markers of their immediacy, that the book had not been proofed, and the reader should celebrate and enjoy any such flaws. Harumph. One hassle would be flipping all the entries into the other order. When I archive them to my computer, I just grab a swath of days, usually about a week, and paste them into the word processor file. This means that the most recent ones are at the top. I suppose I could tell the reader to read the book from the back to the front?

Left grip is 45 pounds (42, 40, 45), right grip is 102 pounds (95, 98, 102), left leg balance is 9.92 seconds, and inhale volume is 4750 mL.

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