Monday, March 28, 2005

Check six

The roof patch is still holding despite more rain. Good. We dug up some dandelions during the periods of sunshine. I am unaccountably optimistic.

The unix diff command works fine in the OSX 'Darwin' Terminal window.

The back-scratcher my lovely wife and kids got me is wonderful.

The kids are just the best.

I found an air-combat simulator for the Mac called OSX SkyFighters 1945. I ran it a few times and crashed my plane a few times. But I also strafed my own airfield and blew up the fuel tanks (I expect a promotion for that), and I successfully landed the plane. This is a realistic flight simulator, not a shoot-em-up game for kids. And it runs on the Mac! It even allows internet play. My brother-in-law will be hearing from me soon about this. This is one of the goals I have had for 10 years or more: Form teams with buddies and play air combat on the internet while talking to the buddies in a conference call. But don't worry, we'd only fly against against bad people. And ... and ... our planes would shoot medicine. Yeah. To make them not be bad anymore. Honest, Mom!

Left grip is 46 pounds (46, 45, 43), right grip is 97 pounds (97, 96, 89), left leg balance is 3.67 seconds, and inhale volume is 4650 mL. Each of these measurements were done in the afternoon, rather than the morning when I usually do them. Earlier I spent most of the day walking with my son. My legs may be 'used up,' which would account for the reduced balance duration.

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