Saturday, March 26, 2005


Two nights ago I had the night numbness in my hands. I woke up on my back and I have the impression that there was nothing odd about the positions of, or pressures on, my arms. Last night, too.

I've been taking 100 mg of DHEA for a while now (on the theory that maybe it results in more muscles), and I notice that my whiskers seem thicker (in the left upper lip, for example), and are growing in more places than before, for example, in a wider range on the neck. But ... the hair on my head is not falling out, and seems as thick and wall-to-wall as ever.

I look forward to observing the effects of the next round of ceftriaxone. Will my metrics continue to slide? Will they pick up? My bets are on continued left-side slippage, or perhaps hitting a plateau, while the right side may get a tad stronger. Expect modest improvements in lung capacity and left-leg balance duration.

I could be wrong. It's weird how, even though I am the lab rat, and this is a battle for my life, my response is: "Oh goody! An experiment!"

Left grip is 45 pounds (44, 44.5, 45), right grip is 105.5 pounds (97, 105.5, 102), left leg balance is 8.18 seconds, and inhale volume is 4750 mL.

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