Thursday, March 10, 2005

P10: Little Red Corvette

Left grip is 47 pounds (45, 45, 47), right grip is 95 pounds (95, 93, 92), left leg balance is 12.04 seconds, and inhale volume is 4550 mL.

I went to buy some Prince on iTunes and found that many of his main hits were not there. It appears, if I may guess, that certain artists only offer their B-list songs on iTunes, preferring, or perhaps constrained by their labels, not to offer the ones people will pay money for on greatest-hits CDs.

I saw the acupuncturist yesterday. She said my liver pulse is much improved. I wonder what a blood test would say. Speaking of which, I've left numerous voice mails over the past week, trying to obtain a copy of my recent blood test results from the ALS clinic. I finally got someone to say they would do it. She called later and said they couldn't find it, and want to know what lab I went to. That clinic is so messed up.

The doctor agreed to increase the prescription to two grams of oral penicillin twice a day. I started the new dosage last night.
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