Sunday, March 13, 2005

P13: Helpers

The folks at ALS TDF did a write-up on the Rothstein study and highlighted something I missed, or didn't take note of:

"Ceftriaxone was able to raise the amount of transporter protein in the brains of rats for three months, the maximum duration of administration tested."

My son, five, and daughter, two, helped me sink three of the stepping stones yesterday, while I did the other five. They did a surprisingly good job, putting the stones in level and flush with the ground. I was impressed. And now the job is done. The boy kept saying how fun it was, and I can see why. It's rare that a kid that young gets to contribute in an independent, equal way to a serious project that utilizes skills they have already mastered. I mean, what is a five-year-old about, if not digging holes? Even the girl was able to help, and the boy was a really good at sharing the task with her.

Good job, kids.

Left grip is 44 pounds (41, 41, 44), right grip is 96 pounds (90, 94, 96), left leg balance is 21.66 seconds (this is a highly variable skill that improves with mere contemplation and improved technique), while inhale volume is 4600 mL. I think that the dramatically lower grip strength is a temporary effect of a nightmare last night. The thing to do will be to see if it persists.
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