Monday, March 14, 2005

P14: I know why the caged bird stinks

Left grip is 47 pounds (45, 42, 47), right grip is 104 pounds (87, 100, 104), left leg balance is 6.65 seconds, and inhale volume is 4650 mL. This is a bizarre trend, with the right grip improving while the left grip declines or wanders. I am glad that the inhale volume stays strong.

No disrespect is intended for Maya Angelou and her excellent works. But sometimes it is fun to play with famous titles. I also like "I know why the caged bird drinks" and "I know why the caged bird sins." But "stinks" seems better to me because it implies a whole range of unsavory conditions and inadmirable responses. "Drinks" and "sins" are too specific.
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