Friday, March 04, 2005

P4: Genius

Left grip is 46 pounds (45, 44, 46) right grip 90 pounds (90, 90, 89) and inhale is 4490 mL. Pushups were zero (I went down but could not come up). I'm not liking this trend, although I admit it is too early to tell.

My daughter has been waking us up at awful times in the night for several days now. That could be the reason for my declining metrics. Not sure.

The night before last, I took about three tablespoons of mineral oil to foil the plans of the Concreting Evil. I think it helped. The probiotics have kept everything smooth since I started taking them, but use of antibiotics tends to stopper me up, so I may need to use more mineral oil. Eternal vigilence is the price of liberty. I'm just glad there was no rush of monsoon after I started the penicillin, and no immediate full concreting.

My mother recently returned to me a bunch of papers and homework assignments from junior high school and high school that she saved for the sociopathic drawings that were on them. One of the quiz papers had an answer, marked as correct, that said that the I.Q. level of 140 and above is considered to be in the "genius" range. That seems surprisingly low to me, and it either indicates that I should not take my information from a high-school sophomore, or that "genius" is a more common, pedestrian word than we treat it as. We treat is as "super-genius" and expect a genius to be like Einstein or Joni Mitchell, when perhaps it just means smart person.

I have sent the doc an email:

It occurs to me that in order to achieve the bolus effect of overwhelming the blood-brain barrier, perhaps I should take both the 500 mg capsules, only once a day. After all, we just want to get the penicillin into the brain for that flushing effect. It's not as though we're in an infection regime where we want to maintain a stable dosage across the day.

What do you think?

2:12 PM: I just spoke to my neurologist and we are going to increase the dosage to
1 gram twice daily (total daily dose of 2 grams). I'll start with tonight's dose.
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