Friday, April 01, 2005

C4: Cramp

The thumb spasticity has not fully returned but the tiny twitching is there sometimes. Last night the usual waking stretch spasticity turned into a fully painful cramp in my lower left leg that was brief but which I had to overcome using my right hand to flex the foot, which was fully extended in emergency war throttle mode. The smaller muscle on the lower front left part of the leg, not the calf, actually hurt for a while afterwards.

I may be completely wrong but I just have this feeling that I started taking the Namenda and then the thumb spasticity started (though the leg spasticity in the shower lessened) ... and I think, maybe this drug is poisoning me.

I am not measuring left grip because the IV needle is in the left arm. Right grip is 103 pounds (97, 103, 95). Left leg balance is 12.23 seconds, and inhale volume is 4750 mL.

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