Sunday, April 03, 2005


The daughter person is usually very sweet, but when she wakes up from a nap she can be grumpy and inconsolable for a long time. If Mommy is out of the house when she wakes up, the presence and attempted ministrations of Daddy can be infuriating. So yesterday I prepared some juice and a small bowl of raisins and dry cereal, and put them on the floor outside the kids' room, on the hope that she would encounter them and get her blood sugar back up, and forfend her raging at me (as she had done the day before). When she did wake up, I was downstairs on the computer, and heard her slowly sobbing and moaning for Mommy. My inclination is to comfort her. When I peeked my head up the stairs, she was sitting at the little snack I'd set out, but the furious screaming began when she saw me. "Go away, Daddy!" Even hugs don't help. So I went back downstairs and put away the dishes while she moaned and cried, softly, for a long time. When I was just about done loading up the dishwasher with the day's items from the sink, there was an extended silence of several minutes. I wondered if she had climbed into her bed and gone back to sleep. I listened. The sound was: ("crunch-crunch"). Apparently she had sat down to complain for a while, and then decided to eat. I finished loading the dishwasher, and a few minutes later she came downstairs and told me, in a civil tone, that she wanted more. She took off her wet diaper and we arranged, in a series of negotiations involving rapidly oscillating demands, refusals, and criteria (in which Daddy always agreed right away, even if he didn't understand), to get her into dry underwear and pants, and a new shirt. No, not that shirt, this one! No, this one! And then we got her into her socks and sandals (no, not the green sandals, the black ones), and went outside for a walk around the block.

I guess the pre-positioned snack is not the perfect remedy, but it saved us both from an hour of disappointment and rage.

Left grip is 47 pounds (39, 44, 47), right grip is 97 pounds (93, 97, 97), left leg balance is 14 seconds, and inhale volume is 4750 mL.

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