Sunday, April 10, 2005


Several people have said they're praying for me. I feel grateful. It is working.

Some have tried to offer me Jesus, and are praying that I'll go to him. I have some thoughts on that kind offer, and why it does not suit me.

It's an interesting topic which I think none of us have enough keyboard for. So I'll try to be brief and just hit a few points. Please just first understand that I do not take offense of any kind at your prayers that I'll find Jesus.

My thinking goes like this: If I appear to be happy and content, then why do I need Jesus? Is it to save me from misery in the afterlife? I've previously said that I don't respect any deity who would let that happen. I think such a deity would be more of a devil than a god. Is it to bring more glory to Jesus? I understand that it might, but in my opinion a truly loving and wise deity does not need that kind of worldly acclaim. Is it to make ME happier in this life? Well, if I say I am already satisfied, then you have my word for it. If the thinking is that I do not and can not know for myself -- can not know how much I need Jesus even though I think I don't -- then the person making this argument is assuming a role that only the deity can have; It's an exercise in pride. The Free Will plan of God (to let us come to him), assumes that one has to respect the free will of another to stay outside the church. If evangelism is simply to make people aware of the presence of Jesus, well, believe me, I am aware that the opportunity is out there. The argument is that if I truly knew what Jesus is, then I would accept Jesus is tautological. Jesus, in that definition, is something that of course one would accept. Hence there must be something wrong with a person who is not drawn to Jesus. This is the tautological fallacy of evangelism, and is an example of human pride presuming to judge others.

My belief that a loving God does not deprive any creature of mercy is not complicated. That means the "but what if I'm right" approach is moot. I'm not denying the possibility of a personified God. But just as we would not deprive our children of food and warmth, a true god of love would not deprive a soul of anything just for mistakes made in this corporeal life.

If there is a heavenly son of God and the Bible story is true ... then my interpretation is that he doesn't fret about whether I convert or not. He loves me, plain and simple, even if I join a church of Satan. End of story. I reject the threats and bribes of the religions of Man's creation.

Left grip is 46 pounds (40, 40, 46), right grip is 93 pounds (92, 88, 93), left leg balance is 6.25 seconds, and inhale volume is 4700 mL. Here is the inhale volume chart:

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