Thursday, April 28, 2005

I can run!

I was at the track when I found out I am able to run again. It wasn't fast, not a wind-rushing-past-your-ears sprint, but it was a steady, tottering jog with my legs working in harmony and, amazingly, quickly. I was delighted. Maybe this is not ALS after all. Maybe I'm recovering. I thought about writing this blog entry.

...Then I woke up.

The dream had been so real, like that time when I was a kid that I dreamed I could fly, if I started from a certain point in the back yard. I tried it many times. So this morning, to honor the dream, I tried running across the rug. Same old gimpy limping, and I almost fell. Such a nice dream, though!

Robert, you don't have the pieces mixed up, and you solved the chess problem perfectly. Thanks! When I played it, I did not know that rxb+ would be mate, I just figured losing two point to flush out the king was a good trade. I often don't know when mate is coming, as I just concentrate on getting my checks. Sometimes I do know it's coming, because I plan for it.

The guy at the Social Security office says that my disability benefits are approved. We'll see if that check comes. If so, it will help me buy the Subaru.

I reimported all my CDs into iTunes and the iPod, in order to get the track names right, after a friend pointed out a few embarrassing incidents where I labeled the track incorrectly. I had known about the service on the internet that looks up the track names for you, but I had chosen not to use it, out of paranoia. Usually with the Mac I say "There oughta be a feature that..." and there already is. This time, at least, I knew, and chose not to use it. But that was then, this is now.

Left grip is 41 pounds (40, 39, 41), right grip is 93 pounds (88, 86, 93), left leg balance is 8.98 seconds, and inhale volume is TK mL.

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