Saturday, April 16, 2005


So we still haven't had the house tested for mold. We moved here in 2000, I got a yearlong sinus blockage, which then went away. By December of 2003 I was showing ALS symptoms. OK, so you can blame my house. But since being diagnosed I have not been going to work, which kept me out of the house about 11 hours each day. So you'd think that, being home so much more now, I'd get dramatically worse, much faster than I have? You'd think, but nature has a way of deceiving us.

Left grip is 40 pounds (40, 37, 39), right grip is 93 pounds (80, 93, 93), left leg balance is 8.85 seconds, and inhale volume is 4550 mL. Hard to see how the breathing in particular would decline so much in just one day. So I'm hoping today is an "off" day.

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