Tuesday, April 12, 2005


I saw stars last night. I was asleep, but I woke just enough to turn over. I had been on my left side, and I flipped vigorously to my back, with the rear right side of my head impacting (if you can call it that) on the pillow. It was in no way a strong blow. It wasn't even a blow. In that instant, my left eye (just that one) briefly saw white stars in a black field. Both eyes were closed. The stars were coming at me, moving in linear streaks, like in that screen saver. This all happened in less than a quarter of a second (more like the duration of one heart beat), and did not recur. The Stars were arranged in a cone, circular and open at the base, circular and open at the wider top (with the wide end 'closest' to me), as if you were looking down into a small, regrow waste basket. I'd say the base was half the diameter of the top, and the cone was less than three times as tall as the base was wide. If you divided the visual field into quadrants, there were about five stars in each quadrant.

I went to see the neurologist this morning. He didn't make much of the stars. But he did validate my theory that the reason the twitching does not stop when I use ceftriaxone is that some of those nerves are already damaged, and they're going to send twitch signals no matter what. I liken it to a damaged phone line, it's always going to send static. The antibiotic would be like shooting the squirrels that chew the phone lines. I guess. But it doesn't fix the lines that are already frayed. The upshot is: not to worry about the twitching.

The plan at this point is to do another round of ceftriaxone starting May 10. Five days at two grams per day.

Left grip is 45 pounds (45, 44, 36), right grip is 100 pounds (100, 100, 95) , left leg balance is 11.59 seconds, and inhale volume is 4650 mL. Weight was 137.5 pounds with shoes off and empty pockets. On his dynamometer, my right grip was 100 and my left was 37. Yes, 37 is lower than the 44 I got after the first ceftriaxone round. I think the left hand was still tired from the metrics I had done in his waiting room before seeing him. Plus, that cheap little plastic thing seems to have a threshold effect.

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