Friday, April 15, 2005


The incidence of my upper limbs falling asleep has gradually increased, and occurs, in some mild form at least, almost every night. It's usually mild, though sometimes you get the "dead hand" effect. Then it's fun to paw at my face with a corpse hand. I'm not worried about it, though I don't know how to explain it. I think it's related to the ALS, perhaps something to do with muscle tone. Some of it is positional -- in positions that didn't used to cause my limbs to fall asleep. For example, sleeping on my back, with my arms folded across the sternum, brings that inner edge of the outer part of the elbow joint in contact with the mattress. You know, that soft part where the 'funny bone' is. Oddly enough, this causes the blood flow to my hands to restrict, and they go to sleep. It's happened more than once. Go ahead you physio people, tell me why that's impossible, given the arteries that feed the hands not being located in that area. Just go ahead.

OK, so I tried this while awake. The forearms began to feel cold, tingly, and to ache after several minutes. It was uncomfortable, so I quit. Must be the nerve, not the blood supply. Thanks Pierre.

Left grip is 44 pounds (39, 44, 40), right grip is 91 pounds (91, 91, 87), left leg balance is 19 seconds, and inhale volume is 4750 mL.

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