Monday, May 23, 2005


I rented the DVDs for Band of Brothers, and I am reading the book. This has the value of being about actual soldiers, and describing events that really happened.

Left grip is 38 pounds (38, 35, 35), right grip is 92 pounds (89, 92, 89), left leg balance is 14.21 seconds, and inhale volume is 5100 mL. I kid you not about the inhale. It was clean and simple, and the thingy went as high as it physically can before running out of space. I was so amazed I did it again, this time on videotape. Then, when I continued taping, for the video I am making about my illness, I squeezed 90 pounds on the dynamameter with the right hand and 42 with the left. But the testing protocol is what it is, so I won't change today's data.

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