Tuesday, May 10, 2005

C1: Goodbye, Champ!

We bought the new car yesterday, a Subaru Outback. It has power everything and is easier to operate. In the afternoon I saw a college professor of mine. That was nice.

I donated the trusty old Neon to a local radio station that plays NPR. They came and towed it a few minutes ago. I thanked it yesterday when I unloaded it, and I thanked it again today by taking a knee and thinking: "Thank you." It was the first car I ever bought, and it's hard not to personify something that served me so well for so long.

While the guy was loading it onto the tow truck, and I was taking ceremonial pictures, I heard the distinctive growl of a fighter jet. It flew overhead just as my goodly car was being winched. A military salute for a heroic car.

Not unlike our washing machine had a power consumption rating (very low!) the Outback has a pollution index rating. No kidding. It is very low as well.

Today I started another five-day round of two daily grams of IV ceftriaxone, so the left arm metric will be absent for the duration.

However, I did my metrics today before they put the needle in.

Left grip is 43 pounds (39, 39, 43), right grip is 95 pounds (91, 90, 95), left leg balance is 19.82 seconds, and inhale volume is 4800 mL.
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