Friday, May 13, 2005

C4: Torque

Yesterday's uptick in right grip strength may seem hopeful, but take a look at the chart and note that last time I infused ceftriaxone, there was a spike on the right hand side, and no increase in left grip strength after the infusion period, but rather, a gradual decline in both.

I am aware that the dynamometer reading can be distorted by sudden torque on the unit. The dial faces away from the user, and this torque might happen during the squeeze, or after the squeeze and before the dial is read. However, when I scored 100 yesterday, I was being careful not to torque the unit. I attribute the high score to good technique, and to a full yell instead of just a grunt.

Then, because I was concerned that I might be deceiving myself, I stood in front of a mirror the final time, so that I could see the needle during the squeeze. The fact that it got to 95 reassured me that it had not been torque when I scored 100.

Happy 16-month diagnosis anniversary.

Right grip is 91 pounds (84, 91, 90), left leg balance is 16.15 seconds, and inhale volume is 4900 mL.
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