Saturday, May 14, 2005

C5: Sick baby girl

My two-year-old daughter's two-year-old friend came over yesterday for only three hours. He had a small bit of runny nose problem, though he got over his cold a day or so previously. Our girl woke at two a.m. cranky and sick. My lovely wife did the work, as usual, and continues to do so now, while I take pills and type this.

Right grip is 96 pounds (87, 90, 96), left leg balance is 14.16 seconds, and inhale volume is 4900 mL.

I did the final ceftriaxone infusion and later tested my left grip strength at 41 lbs (37, 38, 41).

Next time, I am thinking of infusing for three days instead of five, at three grams per day instead of two. That way I get nine total grams instead of 10 total grams. Having the needle in my arm for five days is annoying, and I would find it psychologically easier to have it there for only three days. Plus, with warmer weather coming, there will be less time spent in the long-sleeved shirts that I wear during the infusion period to hide the needle from the kids.

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