Tuesday, May 17, 2005


Been feeling good lately. Have not yet caught the cold from my daughter. She's very chipper and happy despite being sick. I think she's almost over it now.

Might have to put gas in the new car today. Finally figured out how to put those floor mats in. I put them in one way, then my mother came and turned them 90 degrees. Oh!

I went to see the local neurologist today. There I weigh 135.25 pounds. I need to eat more, because lately I have been slacking off. On his dynamometer my left grip is unchanged at 37, while my right grip is 98. Units are unknown and test method differs. When using my unit, I have been feeling a pain more frequently when a tendon in the palm of the right hand crushes up against the metal handle. On my unit, left grip is 42 pounds (37, 42, 39), right grip is 97 pounds (88, 97, 87) -- no torque -- left leg balance is 8.54 seconds, and inhale volume is 4900 mL.

As requested by Robert, the new car:

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