Thursday, May 19, 2005


Riverbend's blog is usually good, but in her May 18 post she seems a bit credulous:

The interesting news started circulating a couple of days later. People from the area claim that the man was taken away not because he shot anyone, but because he knew too much about the bomb. Rumor has it that he saw an American patrol passing through the area and pausing at the bomb site minutes before the explosion.

I think the rumor is interesting and worth noting, but to fail to blog on the obvious flaw in the accusation is an oversight. If the Americans plant bombs, they're not going to do it from a US Army vehicle. And if they "overlooked" it, then they just failed to detect it. Or maybe they saw it, and called in the bomb disposal people, but it went off before disposal could get there. Or maybe the bomb received a command detonation signal when the patrol went by, but some technical glitch delayed the explosion.

Now, the bit about the man being hauled away because he made this accusation seems credible. River just needs to use her thinking cap. But who am I to criticize an oversight in her blog -- I'm not blogging under fire, I have 24/7 electricity, and I still got my "good cholesterol" and "bad cholesterol" mixed up!

As for her hunch that the Koran desecration story is true, I'd tend to agree.

I want to thank everyone for the incredibly useful comments to my prior post. I'll respond to those soon.

Left grip is 39 pounds (37, 39, 37), right grip is 89 pounds (85, 89, 89), left leg balance is 9.16 seconds, and inhale volume is 4750 mL.

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