Sunday, June 12, 2005

Cover story

My kids have said nothing about my stiff walking, so my lovely wife and I decided to introduce the topic. The day before yesterday I mentioned that my legs felt stiff, once while eating lunch with my son, and once to my lovely wife, in the presence of the kids. Yesterday I lay down on the bed and both kids jumped on top of me. My son asked, "Are you sleeping?"

I seized the opportunity.

"No, I'm resting my legs. They're stiff again today. Seems like they have been for several months."

"Maybe you should see Doctor XXXXXX," (our chiropractor).

"I don't think Dr. XXXXXX could help."

"She deals with the back," said my lovely wife.

"Oh. Then maybe you should see your regular doctor."

"Maybe," I said.

Then the normal family chatter went off in other directions. The kids did not seem alarmed or worried, and they continued to mash the pillow on my head during this exchange. So I think we successfully planted the cover story that can be used in the future to explain Daddy's walking.

Left grip is 42 pounds (38, 40, 42), right grip is 95 pounds (95, 93, 95), left leg balance is 11.29 seconds, and inhale volume is 4700 mL.

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