Tuesday, June 14, 2005


The little people can get very upset if they say something a few times and no one acknowledges it. They keep getting louder and more insistent, ending up screaming and crying. Adults, of course, have things to think about, and while the little people are half cupids and half geniuses, an adult can only draw so much awed inspiration from them before needing to think about the gas bill or bulk waste pickup day.

And so I find myself doing something that I remember my father doing: Affirming what the child says by repeating some or all of it. You can do this reflexively, with almost no thought. When they say something I completely can't make out, despite asking them to repeat it, I just say "Oh," or "Right."

I remember being a little tike and getting the suspicion that my father, who seemed like a good listener, might be just repeating bits of what he heard me say. I don't recall testing him on it. But I did have the strong impression that he was. I must have shelved the idea because it just seemed so outlandish.

Today I'll start the three days of ceftriaxone at three grams per day.

Left grip is 38 pounds (34, 38, 38), right grip is 91 pounds (85, 87, 91), left leg balance is 12.30 seconds, and inhale volume is 4500 mL. I attribute the inhale decline to pollen allergies.

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