Thursday, June 23, 2005


I fell down yesterday, but did not get hurt, only scraped my knuckles on the sidewalk. I also realized that every major tool in the garage is now perhaps not beyond my ability, but is beyond my prudent desire to use. I don't want to hassle with the ladder, the radial saw, or the miter saw, if I don't have to. I can still comfortably consider using a power drill. But my days of major house repair are, I think, over. I guess the thing is that, in addition to being more stumbly, and even less able with the left hand, I just don't feel that I have the physical energy. Yesterday I was particularly tired. This is somewhat of a milestone for me, as I take pride in my former energetic approach to house repair. At the time, I minimized it as just par for the course. But now I look back at that guy and marvel at how many things he was willing to undertake at one time, interleaving projects and getting things rapidly done one after another. And the nearly boundless energy he had. I had. Whatever.

Left grip is 40 pounds (35, 34, 40), right grip is 89 pounds (86, 82, 89), left leg balance is 8.98 seconds, and inhale volume is 4525 mL.

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