Wednesday, June 08, 2005


We spent seven days in another place. It required long airplane trips to get there and to get back. It was a perilous place for me: sticky, uneven formica, rumpled carpets, a dark little foot stool about three inches high, books and boxes and odds and ends piled everywhere, furniture in unexpected places as if moved about by a rush of mud. It was like being in a submarine.

My daughter caught a cold on the plane and was runny nose and misery often. My throat and nose flared up, and I sneezed and blew my nose a lot. But it must have been something I had already had.

It wasn't a 'vacation,' despite my previous statement.

I didn't do any metrics, though I did take all of my usual pills and potions.

My goals where simple:

1) Don't fall and hurt yourself.
2) Don't catch that cold.

Accordingly, I spent a lot of time just lying down, or sitting in a chair, reading. I drank lots of water, trying to fend off the cold. My wife did all the hard work. For example, she spent over an hour each night getting the poor, miserable, crying girl to sleep. She also did all the other ambitious stuff. I was sort of like a teenager, interested only in my own comfort, contributing nothing unless the mood struck me. I was a bystander while my lovely wife was the mom. Sure, I did some parenting. But nothing worth noting. I was helpful but not crucial. She deserves a medal.

Left grip is 42 pounds (35, 39, 42), right grip is 89 pounds (85, 89, 89), left leg balance is 7.93 seconds, and inhale volume is 4700 mL.
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