Thursday, July 21, 2005

The Blair swap

I finally did it. I convinced a Briton to swap George W. Bush for Tony Blair! Woo-hoo! I am so looking forward to brain power in the White House! Here's the official transcript of the negotiation (conducted during a 2 12 game of blitz chess):

brainhell: I voted for Kerry and am playing from California. You?

Edwin3 says: what about bush he's so clearly good for the environment?

Edwin3 says: From England

brainhell: at least you didn't vote for Bush! ;-)

Edwin3 says: truthfully though, he's great for comedy

brainhell: trade you for Blair

Edwin3 says: you can't trade them they're the same person

brainhell: then no problem trading!

Edwin3 says: it's more a game of snap

brainhell: hand him over

Edwin3 says: o.k.

brainhell: say hello to prime minister Bush! woo hoo! Now he's your problem!

Edwin3 says: when did i lose all my pieces?

brainhell: Enron

{Game 118 (brainhell vs. Edwin3) Edwin3 resigns} 1-0
Blitz rating adjustment: 984 --> 999

The English player lost the game. Naturally, as anyone who would trade Blair for Bush is not thinking clearly.

Left grip is 35 pounds (34, 35, 31), right grip is 87 pounds (78, 81, 87), left leg balance is 9.47 seconds, and inhale volume is 4490 mL.
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