Sunday, July 24, 2005


I'm glad no one was hurt in the follow-up attack on London transit systems on the 21st. But I wonder, what are the odds of faulty detonators disabling four backpack bombs on the same day -- bombs which were rumored to be nearly identical to the four successful ones of 7/7? It seems unlikely. So I wonder if this means that British intelligence has gotten inside the terror cells, or at least is able to supply them with faulty equipment. If so, then, why would the 7/7 bombs all work and the 7/21 bombs all fail? It is possible that this 'attack' was staged by British intelligence for some other purpose. No, not mere propaganda value of making people feel safer or making the killers appear inept. The neat, tidy nature of four bombs all failing independently, though, makes me wonder if they staged this in order to prompt some sort of reaction within the terror cells, in some way to flush someone out. Or to prompt a meeting between a known terrorist leader and the unknown parts suppliers. The shooting of a man in the subway, who later turned out to be unrelated to the terror cells, could be a genuine accident on the part of officers who were not made wise to the sting operation. Just a theory.
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