Monday, July 11, 2005


I forgot (or, 'forgot') to do my metrics yesterday. I've had a persistent neck ache since before we left on our most recent trip. The chiropractor asked if she'd helped, and I said "Yeah," to make her feel encouraged, and because -- I wasn't sure -- maybe it would turn out that she had.

But I do have a sporty new, self-inflicted haircut. I can still do that.

I started a booklog, mostly for my own purposes. I may be curious to see what I've read. I reread 'The Red Badge of Courage' because I was thinking about a book report I gave in my second year of high school. My English teacher was a Vietnam veteran. He gave me an 'A' for the report (naturlich), but kept drilling me, as I stood before the class, on what the message of the book was. I kept saying that it was about how you had to do your duty no matter how afraid you were. I am not sure now, but I think what he said was that the message of the book is that war is something we cannot know our reactions to until we are confronted with it.

But what I found instead was the roots of my interest in dialect. After I read that book in high school, I must have spent weeks imitating the backwoods dialects in it.

It's an intensely psychological novella, describing quite well the insecurities and panics, if not the perils, of the boy who read it.

It also proves that the phrase looking out for old number one predates the 20th century.

Left grip is 39 pounds (30, 33, 39), right grip is 92 pounds (82, 84, 92), left leg balance is 16.17 seconds, and inhale volume is 4400 mL.
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