Monday, July 25, 2005


This guy

has a fantastic collection of mugshots. Wow.

During the one-week break from creatine, I took quinine pills and drank tonic water before bed, so worried I was about cramps. Last night I resumed the creatine, which, in my mind, is the cramp killer supreme. I only drank eight ounces of tonic water. However, the body must get used to all that quinine, because I woke at 2 AM with a sudden, painful cramp in my left calf. Both the legs feel a bit abused today. Lesson learned: Next time I go on creatine break, I'll just drink lots of tonic water and skip the pills.

Left grip is 38 pounds (33, 38, 35), right grip is 84 pounds (80, 84, 80), left leg balance is 8.78 seconds, and inhale volume is 4500 mL.

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