Friday, July 08, 2005

Three-point stance

During the initial Iraq war, I used to read the blog of Moja Vera. He once wrote about coming down a stairwell of some ancient lookout tower in the dark. He reminded himself to keep three points of contact: his two feet, plus a hand on the wall. You'll rarely fall if you do that, he wrote. This is common sense, and I do it all the time, in the shower, or coming down stairs, for example. But when I do, I always think briefly of Moja in that stone tower in Iraq. Now that he's back, he has a cool new job and got married. I wish he were still blogging though.

When I decided to up my DHEA intake to 100 mg per day, a reader warned me about coming off of it -- that I might experience grumpiness, as she had. Well, in an unintentional experiment, I have been forgetting to take the DHEA for at least a week and a half, probably two or three week. Space cadet. Anyway, to my knowledge, there was no grumpiness. (You'd have to ask my lovely wife). I have been feeling extra tired though. So now that I am back on the full dose, we shall see what happens. For the past four or five days, I've had a shoulder/neck ache on the right side that often seems to trigger a headache. It could be related to the strains of the big trip, or the lack of DHEA. We shall see.

Left grip is 38 pounds (34, 38, 36), right grip is 89 pounds (82, 89, 81), left leg balance is 10.74 seconds, and inhale volume is 4490 mL.

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