Saturday, August 13, 2005


We done gone ta thet air ALS clinic they got, and the doctor thar she said tha Namenda? it make you constipated. Ah done figger, huh! that'd explain them times ah battled tha Evil One recently. Still, ah got me some Citrucel, and been takin' one a day. So far, tha reezults are good, but you don't wanna hear about tha reezults.

Also she said that one reason I feel that my voice is weaker is that air is escaping through my nose, due to the loss of muscle control in my palette.

My Forced Vital Capacity was all over the map from 92 down to 70, because the guy yelling encouragement at me, and getting upset when I asked him not to, threw off my game. They entered the results as 88 but I take it as a 92. Last time there, in May, I scored 96. I do have the shoulder problem now, as well as twitching of the muscles on both my left and right rib cage, so I conclude that the disorder has progressed to my trunk, and should take some points off of my FVC score. But I wonder if I can get someone else to do spirometry on me next time. I hope so. The respiratory therapist has been able to get high readings from me.
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