Saturday, August 27, 2005


I bought and watched the DVD for "The Day After," which aired in 1983 on broadcast TV. I remember the right wingers being upset about that. I remember that my girlfriend and I and some other college kids watched it at someone's place. One young woman was crying a bit. It seems like so long ago. We're very lucky that our world survived the twin evil menaces of the Soviet Union and Ronald Reagan.

I also got the DVD for "The World According to Garp," which it seemed to me is a rare case of the movie being as good as the book. As I write this I have only seen the first scene, in which Jenny brings her baby home. There is a reply she shouts from the lawn, which is partially obscured by the surf noise. I searched the web for the complete text, but didn't find it. It then appears that I have the honor of being the first.

Her father asks her which side of the war the father of her child was on. As best I can make out, she shouts back from the lawn:

"He wasn't on any side. He was flat on his back in the hospital. One night when he had one of his usual erections, I got on top of him and inserted it in me. He ejaculated almost immediately, and as a result, I got a wonderful baby!"

Let all future web searchers thank me.

Left grip is 33 pounds (26, 33, 33), right grip is 78 pounds (75, 78, 75), left leg balance is 6.57 seconds, and inhale volume is 4500 mL.
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