Sunday, August 28, 2005

Good and Bad

After his tour of duty in preschool was up, my son spent two weeks going to a day camp. There he filled up a scrapbook they gave each kid. This image shows him writing down who was bad (Henry, Nick and Tommy) and who was good (Danielle, Julia and Katy). The next page says "Veyre Vary bad: Tommy." There is a frowny face. The page after that says "Vary good: Katy." Katy wrote her phone number in his book. Pretty much every day, my son bugged my lovely wife to let him call Katy. She called, for him, yesterday, and we have a play date coming soon.

Left grip is 32 pounds (24, 31, 32), right grip is 80 pounds (72, 74, 80), left leg balance is 6.1 seconds, and inhale volume is 4250 mL.
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