Sunday, August 07, 2005


I'm not sure whether many Americans know that Islam's Koran is basically version 3.0 of the same Bible they know. Islam is not a bizarre worship of vultures and demons, but rather, tells the same stories, from Abraham on down, through Mary and Jesus etc. Islam, like Christianity before it, tries to correct the mistakes of the Judeo-Christian faith of which it is a part. If that fact were known, it might lead to more peace and understanding. But given the current political climate, I think it might lead to immediate air strikes against Mecca.

Left grip is 35 pounds (31, 28, 35), right grip is 80 pounds (71, 80, 70), left leg balance is 8.91 seconds, and inhale volume is 4400 mL.

I wanted to go with my daughter and my lovely wife on a tricycle walk today, but my legs were too tired. That makes me sad, but I'll get over it by being with them when they get back.
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