Thursday, August 11, 2005

Oklahoma and BUSH!

I had another satisfying game with a Bush backer the other day. As my chess rating sinks lower and lower, the Bush backers I encounter in the weeds get more and more verbally abusive.

The game progressed to this point as shown, when I had pinned his knight on the king.

I issued my standard greeting.

brainhell: I voted for Kerry and am playing from California. You?

codyroberson says: oklahoma and BUSH!

He brought out the black bishop to check me, so I blocked with my own bishop.

Then he wanted to castle, which gave me his bishop.

codyroberson says: how big of a kerry supporter are you?

brainhell: I voted for him

At this point my initial advantage evaporated when the Bush guy performed a very nice trick and got my bishop.

Then things started to look grim for me. The pawn is doomed:

codyroberson says: you one of those hippy liberal douches?

I figured I was going to lose the game. But I typed in my reply, prepared to send it at the end. Things progressed to this point...

And the Bush guy made this move:

And that was that, so I sent my reply to his question.

brainhell: yes i am

{Game 527 (brainhell vs. codyroberson) codyroberson checkmated} 1-0
Blitz rating adjustment: 949 --> 955

Left grip is 34 pounds (31, 34, 32), right grip is 83 pounds (75, 79, 83), left leg balance is 6.67 seconds, and inhale volume is 4450 mL.
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