Tuesday, August 02, 2005


Status update: I've been having increased night spasticity for a couple of weeks, so that I wake up kind of sore, as if I'd been clenching my muscles all night. There may be some teeth gritting too, as the jaw is sometimes sore. The neck-shoulder area can be sore too. I still have that small pain on the right side. There is some satisfaction in clicking my teeth together on waking. I also like to moan a bit when rolling over or repositioning. Not in pain, but just for some unknown reason.

Also, the right shoulder joint is stiff and can hurt when held in certain positions. This has been going on for a few weeks as well.

And the muscle on the back of the neck, the one that hold up the head, has been twitchy for the past couple of days.

If you're taking fish oils supplements for the Omega-3, you might want to make sure that you're not also getting concentrated mercury and other poisons. The Environmental Defense Fund has examined the purification process used by fish oil producers, and ranked them at this site.

Yesterday's poll results are in. 63 percent of respondants want Hillary, 19 percent want "Other," 13 percent want McCain, and 6 percent want Kerry. 46 percent expect McCain, 31 percent expect "Other," 16 percent expect Hilary, and 6 percent expect Kerry.
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