Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Physical Therapist

Last week I was made a point to mention to my lovely wife, in front of my kids, that I'd made an appointment with the physical therapist. I was also pleased to tell my son the other morning that I was going for a blood test.

My lovely wife and I agree that this kind of thing is good for these reasons:

  1. It reminds the kids that the issue is still there and has not gone away.

  2. It conveys that we are taking steps to address it.

  3. It conveys that it is OK to talk about it.

My son, who didn't ask much about the drawing I did of my nerves not sending the signals correctly to my muscles, or about the blood test, fortunately did ask, about the physical therapist.

"Dad, why are you going to the physical therapist, instead of them coming to you?"

I knew he was thinking of his maternal grandfather, who has serious mobility issues due to an ailment.

"I'm going so they can help me with my limping. I go to them, because I can. Your grandfather has trouble getting around, so they come to him."


He could have asked more questions, but I consider the mere discussion to have been a victory.

Left grip is 33 pounds (32, 31, 33), right grip is 85 pounds (85, 83, 84), left leg balance is 7.25 seconds, and inhale volume is 4450 mL.

Although the data for left-leg balance duration is erratic, there is one quick way to visually assess it: Plot a curve using the exceptional peaks, and you'll see it descending.

I went to the PT today and got assessed. She gave me some ROMs to do for my left shoulder.
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