Monday, September 26, 2005

Aluminum spaghetti pot

About 10 years ago a neighbor came over one day and gave me her big aluminum cooking pot, because she'd read that aluminum was implicated in some neuro-degenerative disorder (Alzheimer's?). Anyway, for several years, I used it to cook my spaghetti noodles. Which I ate. Then when my lovely wife and I started shacking up, we got real pots and threw out the aluminum one.

When my blood work was done around the time I was diagnosed, my serum alinminum levels were normal.

Based solely and entirely on the results of Saturday's blog poll, I have send this email to the ALS clinic:

Thank you so much for your efforts in screening me, but I've decided not to commence the trial. I want to try the low-dose Naltrexone, and resume using creatine. I'll resume CO-Q10 as well. Please let me know whether the liver panel and lipids panels will still be completed and forwarded to my neurologist, as, if they will not, I'll need to go do these soon.

Remote medicine is cool, but remote, anonymous, democratic medicine is even better.

Left grip is 30 pounds (29, 30, 30), right grip is 80 pounds (80, 78, 80), left leg balance is 4.3 seconds, and inhale volume is 4450 mL.

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