Monday, September 12, 2005


Friday I was at the appointment with the young, pretty, creamy, buxom and nice physical therapist1, when she pulled out a grip dynamometer. It was exactly the same model as the one I have, even the same color.

She had me do best out of three on both hands, the scores, if I recall correctly, were right: 98, 100, 99, and left: 38, 39, 40. Back at home the same day, the best I could do on the right was 80. And as you know, typically my best on the left is around 30.

We deduced, the nubile PT and I, that the dynamometer they have there at the hospital is calibrated differently from mine. I did inquire about having them maybe calibrate mine so that it matches theirs. She had already thought of that.

If it does come to pass, I'll have to start my graphs all over again. The data going forward can be interpreted using a factor.

She's leaving town, for another assignment, at the end of the month.

John Galt,

> " not accepting or asking for help from the Feds early enough..."

They asked for it before the storm and got it before the storm. It was federalized at that point.

> "...this country’s socialists would rather spend our tax-payer’s money on..."

Your language brings to mind the mirror statement: "This country's fascists would rather waste money on a war that is undermining global security."

> "The quarterback in this case is the Mayor and Governor not anyone in Washington."

The only governmental player once the state of emergency was accepted was the federal government. Harry S. Truman, a real president, used to say "the buck stops here." Bush has never stopped a buck in his life. He's trying to duck his Katrina failure the way he ducked Vietnam and 9/11. But he owns it, period. And no amount of lying changes the way the laws and rules work. He failed. He failed. He failed. And people died, as usual with this excuse for a man.
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