Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Civilization III

My copy of Civilization III arrived a few days ago, and I began play. I found it obscure and counterintuitive. Many simple features in Civilization II had been changed or eliminated in baffling ways.

However, I stuck with it more than I stuck with the Sims, I suppose because I knew what I was trying to find. It was familiar to me rather than wholly new.

Troubles keeping people happy and shortages of money are themes in both The Sims and Civ. However, in Civilization III you can attack the neighbors. I was able to make decent technological progress, and eliminate the Aztecs from my continent. But each time I approached completion of a major wonder of the kind that keeps people content and frees up the coffers for more scientific research, some other, far off civilization completed it first.

I wound up as target practice for Romans more than once. And I played on the easiest level. When I was first learning Civilization II, the easiest level was a rout, in my favor. Things seem tougher in Civilization III.

Yesterday the man came and replaced the electronic circuit boards inside the door of the dishwasher. He said a circuitry tape on the old one was fried with an obvious char mark across it. The first load I ran had small smudges on it that the dishwasher, before it's brain transplant, was unable to clean. This time it cleaned them. Let us all thank my lovely wife for finding out that while the washer has a one-year warranty, the electronics have a five-year warranty!

Last night I took the first dose of LDN (low-dose Naltrexone). I'll be taking two mg per day. I also resumed creatine, vitamin E, and Co-Q10 last night. And oh yeah, the vitamin C, which I had somehow forgotten to take for who knows how long.
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