Thursday, September 29, 2005


Scott, who has been taking the opiate inhibitor low-dose Naltrexone (LDN) for a while, warned me that he had weird dreams when he started it. My dreams are always weird, so the more the merrier. I did have vivid dreams, though. The first night it was about a poorly-planned trip out of state to a hospital airport with no cell phone reception. The second night was about a guy approaching us with religious pamphlets.

Last night's was weird only in the sense that I woke up laughing, and had trouble stopping, which woke my lovely wife. These park rangers were supposed to hunt elephant for the good of the herd. Hey, it's a dream, give me a break. Most of them shot once. This one ranger, a woman, didn't shoot at all, because it wasn't consistent with her values. This other ranger, a guy, kept shooting the elephant over and over again. In my dream I didn't see blood, terror, and chunks of meat. It was more like an elephant in a Gary Larson cartoon. The bullet holes were neat punctures like in Swiss cheese. She disapproved of the guy ranger, who kept making up a reason for each time he fired his rifle, consistent with the theme of helping. He would shoot the dead elephant and say that he'd excised a tumor, or that the animal needed new lungs, or a new heart. The point at which I woke up laughing was when he said "He needs a new spleen! He needs a urethra!"
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