Thursday, September 08, 2005

Like a baby

My wonderful daughter started preschool not long ago. She had visited before, with one of us in the wings, but this was her first full day. She was so eager and absorbed when I dropped her off that she barely noticed me kiss her goodbye. She had a good day. My lovely wife picked her up, while I picked up my son at kindergarten. I am so proud of both of them, and happy for them.

My daughter has commented several times recently that I walk "like a baby." She has asked me why I walk "like this," and indicated unsteadiness. Kids of this age like to ask the same question many times, and I think they find the repeated answer reassuring.

I tell her "I walk like that because my nerves are not sending the messages to my muscles correctly." I assume that most of that is over her head, but the routine nature of the question, and my answer, is, I think, reassuring to both my kids. I know it reassures me.

What she says then is "OK," in a forgiving way.
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