Friday, October 14, 2005

All praise Mr. XXXX

As readers know from my battles with banks, doctors, stores, and random strangers, I believe in Giving Feedback, and that's the reason for this letter:

9999 MYE WAY

October 5, 2005

When I applied this year for Social Security disability benefits for my medical condition (ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig's disease), I expected to encounter hostile, bumbling bureaucrats along the lines of our societal stereotype of government employees. While some of the people I have dealt with at the SSA's toll free number have fit that stereotype, I was pleased that the very first person I spoke to by phone at the local office was helpful, diligent, and able. I don't know this woman's name.

She referred me to Mr. XXXX, and this letter is to praise and thank him for his assistance. Mr. XXXX has been helpful, concerned, capable, and most of all, committed to following through with problems and resolving them, even when apparently mysterious or complex. He is an excellent professional who overcomes obstacles.

A case in point is that recently someone else in the SSA apparently made a data entry error which resulted in the SSA sending a direct deposit for one of my dependents to the wrong account. We did not know this at the time the payment failed to show up, however, and Mr. XXXX persisted in using all the information resources at his disposal to examine beyond the apparent status that everything was functioning normally. He discerned the error and took steps to correct it.

In July, when there was a problem with my direct deposit, Mr. XXXX noticed it first and contacted me, before I'd even noticed it. Whatever the problem was, he resolved it.

Mr. XXXX is a truly excellent professional and I am glad you have him on staff. I hope you will reward him.
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