Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Comment to Joey

There's a good young man over there in Iraq. He blogs. I recently wrote this comment there:

I have been curious about how you relate to being in the military when (I think) you are a Libertarian. Must be quite a dynamic contrast to be in a large, coercive, government organization utilizing force in the stated pursuit of freedom. I'm sure you have worked it all out, but it must be staggering, sometimes, to find yourself there. I admire your intellectual and emotional courage in being able to integrate all this.

The question is whether these savage tactics will get the bad guys the control over Iraq that they seek. I respect your dedication to peace and security, and I'm sure many of the Iraqis you talk to appreciate it as well. Good job. Unfortunately, I think that history and current events (and logic) show us that the balance is tipped in favor of the bad guys, and that the US pouring more people and effort into Iraq will not correct that momentum. If anything, it may add to it.

It's hard to say this to a soldier in harm's way. However, since I am just one person in a nation of 300 million, in a very complex and inertial world, I realize that it would be pointless for me to say "pull out" or "stay the course." If we stay there'll be suffering, and if we leave there'll be suffering. History will run it's course, but while it does, I am glad a good, conscientious person like you is representing my country in that maelstrom.

I feel that my cold may have gone away last night. However, I still have the cough that always seems to creep up on me whenever I get sick, even with something that does not involve coughing. My chest and stomach muscles hurt from the coughing, which I would have to describe as mild. Could be ALS muscle fatigue. Thankfully this is the last day of my antibiotics. They just make my whole body feel stressed. No, not a Herx reaction, as far as I can tell. But I wonder, Scott and Robert, if that happens in 100 percent of cases of Lyme treated with antibiotic.
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