Friday, October 07, 2005

Job review

I think my mother was right when she said that people who use profanity are displaying a lack of imagination. There's no special event that prompted the email below, which I sent to, I just wanted to go on record:

October 7, 2005

Dear Mr. President,

Due to the large volume of email received, the White House cannot respond to every message. And I knew that, when I emailed encouragement to President Clinton years ago. I thought it was nice that the White House finally had gotten any email system at all.

Computer systems often have rather determined archiving tendencies. As Lt. Col. Oliver North found out, sometimes things that we try to delete do not get deleted at all. They get archived.

And so, on the off-chance that the White House system will archive this message, and some future historian might view it, I offer this, your job review.

You're not only a terribly twisted wreck of thoughts, sick emotions, failures, pride, and misconceptions, but sadistic circumstances made you President of the United States -- twice!! -- despite that you've never won any election except for Governor of Texas. Let it be noted that I consider you to be exactly the right man at exactly the right moment in history to take charge of this country and deal it the most damaging blows reasonably possible. You are a blight, a fool, a boy in a grown-up's job, and it's a pity that Satan ever released you from the bottle to spread your devastation across the causes of liberty and civilization.

I love America and the American cause, not least the Constitution. For close to two years, I've had a fatal, presently incurable medical disorder which kills most people in two to five years. Nonetheless, I assure you that I will live long enough to see you leave the White House in a helicopter disposing of diseased ideological effluent.

God speed you on your journey!

Wow. The other day I took Tylenol and felt good, pain-free, young. That was drugs. And like any good abuser, I 'chipped' several times during the day to maintain the feeling. And I paid the price with an awful night of sleep. But today, I have not taken any drugs (other than the usual bevy) -- I mean, not any feel-good drugs. Nonetheless, because I think my cold, and its sinus congestion, is retreating, I feel completely opiated (not that I would know what that feels like). I feel SO GOOD that it's hard to express. So much for the Herx reaction!
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