Saturday, October 29, 2005

New furniture

We got a media cabinet and a bureau from Ikea, and put them together, per the instructions. The instructions are entirely graphic, without any words. While the drawings did have one or two areas of ambiguity that could be corrected, the drawing shown here was absolutely clear: If you are weak as a kitten due to ALS, do not try to lift big heavy pieces all by yourself. My lovely wife helped, as did my kids, but mostly I put the new things together. Now the TV is hidden, and we get more storage space on top of it (I think of it as "keep-away" space, for when you don't want the kids messing with something), and I can keep most of my clothes in one place. We are getting rid of the bureau that we picked up off the curb for me in 1998. It had a "free" sign on it.

Left grip is 26 pounds (25, 26, 26), right grip is 77 pounds (68, 76, 77), left leg balance is 3.61 seconds, and inhale volume is 4200 mL.
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