Thursday, October 06, 2005


Mike Shirely, is a CANUCK (Canadian Antidisestablishmentarian Not Understanding Cat Killers) with ALS. He has designed some of those trendy rubber bracelets like the "Live Strong" ones. But these are for ALS. You can order them from his site, linked above, for a $3 donation. I don't wear bracelets ("What's that for, Daddy?") but I like Mike, and though I often express rude doubts about glyconutrients, I want to do something nice for him. Hence this link, so that he can get beer money from you suckas.

My own unpacking of the ALS acronym is this: "Agonizing Life Shortener."

Still no Herx reaction, but I do have my first sniffles-and-sore throat of the year, brought to me by the usual pathway, my dear, wonderful small children. My son seems largely over his cold, but my daughter is still suffering. I started coming down with it yesterday. I don't think it will be miserable.
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