Monday, October 24, 2005

Terrorist in love

The terrorist I set up a blog for, on which I posted the email address I invented, has not received any spam scam emails yet. This makes him sad. The purpose of the blog is to pass fake credit card numbers to the scammers, in the hope they will be arrested when trying to use a fake number under the name of a wanted terrorist.

Then I read an article about the 419 scams coming out of Nigeria, some of which involve trying to get the silly rich American to wire money to a beautiful and willing young woman. The scams can originate from other countries as well, and so I looked in my inbox for love scams, and found one from a supposed damsel in Russia.

My terrorist figures that if he cannot give trouble to credit card scammers, he might as well waste the time of love scammers. I had the terrorist reply to the damsel's email, telling her that the American dream she yearns for is hollow, and to stay in Russia.

If you do a web search on the name of this terrorist, which I included in the email, every single link that comes up declares him a terrorist. I hope he nonetheless gets a reply.
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