Saturday, October 08, 2005

Your units have overcome their stupidity

Since I was defeated by The Sims, I have been playing Civilization III. I have not mastered it yet, but I am getting better. I had a dream about it. Background: In the game there are messages, such as the one in the image above, which says that the unit has already moved. Also, in the game, your civilization can build "Wonders" which give your civilization advantages. These are usually positive to you rather than negative to others: They're not "spells." But in the dream there was a Wonder which can make opponent units on an entire continent "stupid" for a while. My units on the continent of Australia had been zapped by the Stupidity Wonder. I could not give them orders, and a whole crowd of them were getting whacked by a lone opponent archer. Then, in the dream, there was a message. It was like the one shown in the image above, white letters on black, and it said "Your units have overcome their stupidity!" Right after that I ordered one of my units to kill the archer, and it did. Let this be an omen in my war against my medical disorder.

Thought for today: "If the Rolling Stones did not exist, it would be necessary for your daughter to invent them"

11:20 AM: OK now I'm actually worried. I haven't taken anything, but I feel so good that I wonder if this Flagyl is interacting with something (creatine? Namenda? LDN? Rolling Stones?) and causing a reaction. I feel intellectually present and capable (but who doesn't, when they're high?), and I did just win a chess game against a higher-rated player, but there is something weird about this pervasive pleasure. I connect it with the cold I have, since this feeling did not arrive until it did. On the other hand, though, the cold makes my daughter feel bad. This is a lot like those dreamy undergraduate days when I was young (I didn't drink or do substances then, either). I had forgotten this feeling of ease. You younger readers should know that the aches and pains of age don't manifest as aches and pains, it's more the gradual ebb tide of the opiates of youth. You don't notice it creeping over you. Then one day in your forties you feel GOOD, and you remember: "Oh, this is what it was like, being young!" Weird.
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