Wednesday, November 09, 2005


We voted yesterday, while my son was at kindergarten and our daughter was not at preschool. She rode her tricycle to the polling place, while we walked. It wasn't easy for me to walk five blocks, but it was worth it. Things were simplified by a flier we got in the mail from Governor Hollywood. It was called "Arnold's Top Props." It said we should vote for all of the propositions, except for 79 and 80, which we should vote against. I had been planning to vote against all of the propositions including 79 and 80, but the flier prompted me to reconsider.

I did more research and decided to vote for 79 and 80. I took Governor Hollywood's mailer with me to the polls. It was a handy guide. Afterwards, I tossed it in the trash. I just woke up and looked at this morning's headlines. Perhaps there is some justice in the world:

Democrats sweep Virginia, New Jersey races - 48 minutes ago
Saddam's defense team boycotts trial over killings - 9 minutes ago
Voters reject Schwarzenegger reforms - 3 hours ago

What did anyone expect? Obviously, the Virginia and New Jersey races prove that Bush supporters didn't hack the secret, non-secure Diebold voting machines in 2004, because Democrats won this time, using those same machines. And it proves that Governor Hollywood is right that the state's political system needs to be rigged in favor of Republicans -- after all, look at the totally wrong outcome on the propositions we got using the current system. And it proves that some members of the Saddam defense team volunteered to be killed just so that they could void this trial.
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